Business Blogging Masterclass


What you’ll learn
  • How to strengthen your relationship with your existing and future clients
  • How to improve your expert position in the eyes of your peers and clients

  • How to promote your coaching business and get your ideal clients



  • You need to be able to explain what your business is about and how you help people improve their lives,
  • You need to be (or considering becoming) a coach in order to help people improve their lives or business

This course by Nisandeh Neta, a multimillionaire marketing expert that has cooperated with world class experts such us Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren, is focused on giving you a way to boost your coaching business.
Nisandeh has experienced success with his business blog and knows the impact that it can have on a business and customer relationships. A successful blog will help you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and build long-term relationships with your peers and your clientelle.

This course, which was given to thousands of participants, has been edited in order to be suitable for online learning, and it will take you step by step through the process of creating a blog for your business by explaining:

Why Blogging for Business.
10 Biggest Blogging Mistakes that may be costing you clients.
How to Create Relevant Content for your Blog so that your potential clients get to like you and trust you.
How to Get Readers to your Blog in order to help potential clients know who you are.
How to Get your Readers to Comment so that you can start a valuable and profitable dialog.
How to Integrate your Blog into your Marketing
Blogging Practicalities
Blogging Implementation Plan

Important: Nisandeh is answering questions almost daily to help you keep growing your business.

Through Nisandeh’s knowledge and personal experience, you will be guided through the process of content creation, promotion, and fostering interaction on your blog, which will in turn help you to grow your business.

Who this course is for:
  • Coaches that want to promote their expert position
  • Coaches that want to build stronger relationships with their clients and potential clients.
  • Coaches that want to establish themselves as the go-to person in their field


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